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Friday, 20 February 2009

New York New York

I’ve wanted to go to NY ever since I can remember. The first time I went to the States in 1998, all I did was try and figure out how to get to the other side! And more than 10 years on, I am 3 weeks away from my departure for the Big Apple.

There is a myriad of things I cannot wait to see and do.

I want to spend hours in Central Park, I want to eat at the Boathouse overlooking the lake. I want to ice skate. I want to shop and shop and shop (but I know I won’t be able to do too much of that). I want to visit the Plaza and the Waldorf. I want to people watch. I want to leave Manhattan.

I want to stay in New York forever!

Thursday, 12 February 2009


I guess you could say that I was one of those people who didn’t pay much attention – I always bought myself whatever I liked.

Then suddenly two things happened – the impending recession and marriage, which created the need to share my limited wardrobe space with somebody who wanted an equal share. But I have room to argue – men wear shirts and pants (and sometimes shorts). We women wear pants, shorts, ¾ pants, skirts, dresses.. well you get the drift. Plus the husband wears a uniform to work! So no need for an elaborate corporate wardrobe which I have to have.

So 2009 became the year I vowed to not make any fashion or beauty purchases for the first 4 weeks or maybe the first 10 weeks, which is when I go to NY, because seriously what fun is a trip to NY without the ability to purchase fashion and beauty? Heeeeeeello Zara & Sephora.

So I’ve lasted 6 weeks and the only thing I’ve bought was a silly little silk skirt from SG ($40). It was because it was 48C and I was dyingggggg (plus the skirt will look great with opaques in NY) and a bottle of OPI Bubble Bath ($20) because I’d quit my fortnightly mani & pedi addiction so I had to do something with my nails.

Besides, being minimalist and a spendthrift seems to be de rigour in today’s times. NY fashion week starts tomorrow and the recession is fostering an improvisational atmosphere that's focused on finding ways to maintain fashion’s extravagant soul despite reduced circumstances.

And even though I won’t be buying anything from the high or low end stores, I’ll still be keeping on eye out on the recessionista trends!

Only 30 more sleeps til NY.. I can do it!