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Monday, 27 February 2012

The weekend

This past weekend marked the last weekend of summer. Each year summer seems to be quicker and quicker. I thoroughly enjoyed the long days and squeezed in some beach time, a trip back home, a perfect weekend in Sydney and lots of trips to the cinema.

Tomorrow I'm finally seeing Bill Cunningham: New York during a late afternoon session and hoping to have the cinema to myself.

This past weekend was HOT and I managed another trip to my favorite sea side idyll - Portsea. The ocean temperate was perfect for swims and the late summer sun not too harsh. Simple happiness.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

OPI The Muppets collection... Designer de Better

I've completely and unexpectedly fallen in love with this polish. It's one of the easiest polishes to apply - it dries very quickly and stays put for days.

It's a little bit more OTT than I'm used to (I'm a Bubble Bath girl at heart) but I'm enjoying the playfulness. Summer has decided to stay so a little bit of sparkle compliments it just fine.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sugar free update

Since converting to mostly organic and free range products and curbing my sugar intake, I have been much happier. I now survive on much less sleep and can concentrate for longer periods (believe it or not last year I barely lasted 5 minutes). Not to mention a completely flat stomach.

As a test I had a small handful of mini Easter yesterday afternoon which resulted in a feeling of hangover today. Ewww.

Don't despair though, I'm still eating amazing foods.

Coconut yoghurt is a salvation. It's creamy and filling and believe it or not has no sugar in it at all. Along with halloumi cheese.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Last days of summer..

Enjoying being able to wear shorts for a few more weeks. And the stars aligned and I found the Zara sequin in the Melbourne store. The very last one. Yesssssss!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

I Quit Sugar

I quit sugar.  Yep. 

This is the year that I look after myself, so this week I made a pact to quit sugar. I've tried to do this before, but this time I'm serious.
Last night, after a horrid day at work all I wanted to do was dive into the giant box of Ferrero Rocher (to my credit it's been in my posession since Christmas and I have not opened it).  Sugar is always the easy option.  Chocolate, cakes, snakes, jams, nutella, Not to mention the sugar that's added to pretty much everything we consume anyway.  I don't know about you, but it seems to be that the easiest thing to grab while on the run is sugar laden?  Sometimes when the day is crazy, all I will eat is an almond croissant.  My body has pretty much told me that I have to stop.  It's inflamed and it hurts and I need to change my ways.

Sarah Wilson's ebook has been a good helping hand. 

Probably the best $15 I've spent all year.  It's quick to read and easy to follow.  It's not patronising, but it's scary and realistic at the same time.  I don't think that I'm overly dependent on sugar, so I'm not doing the extreme and quitting fruit.  I love fruit and it's a staple of my diet, but I am steering clear of the fruit that's too high in fructose.  Sugar is inflammatory, it's ageing and it turns into fat.  The biggest revelation has been the fact that fat isn't fat, fructose is.  One is encouraged to eat full fat products as they contain the least amount of additives.  And lets face it, fat fills us up.  I'm all about grilled halloumi, lots of salmon, daily gym sessions and weekly infrared saunas. You should see my skin after 40 minutes in that sauna.  Amazing!

I'm not trying to lose weight or be Gwyneth Paltrow.  I just want to be healthy.

So, I quit sugar.

Monday, 6 February 2012

I love Sydney

Sometimes you just need to get away. I've been to Sydney many, many time and am very familiar with it. Yet every time I go I love it even more. I usually hire a car and explore the surrounds. There's only so much the CBD can offer. And it's Frugal February, so staying away from shops is the best idea.

My friends on Twitter warned me that the weather wasn't great but boy was I grateful that they were wrong. It was sunny and hot. Just how I like it.

Upon arriving in Sydney I stuffed my face with Zumbo macarons (the Milo one pictured was perfection) and on attempting to go to Oxford Street, I took a wrong turn and ended up crossing Harbour Bridge and ending up under it, in Kirribili in a tiny little park. Love a surprise.

I'm really looking forward to a quiet February. I do not have too many commitments and I'm over the moon about that.

Hoping to return to regular blogging and blog visits too!