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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Slip and slide

I wish it could be summer forever so I could get up in the morning and throw on a Bassike dress and get on with my day. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Dîner en Blanc Melbourne 2015

I'd seen photos from various DEB's around the world on social media and was excited to learn that it was finally coming to Melbourne in 2015.  I registered for the ticket ballot and was invited to purchase a ticket last month.  The event sold out in mere minutes but I'd dare say that many people backed out when they realised how much effort needed to be put in.  Guests were to meet at a central point  before being bused to the exact location.  They were to be strictly dressed in white and had to bring their own tables and chairs, decorations, plates and cutlery.  Gorgeous picnic dinners and wine were available for prepurchase or guests could bring their own food.  The venue had to be left just as it was found.   Despite the effort required, it was one of the best nights out I've ever had.  I met some lovely people, enjoyed an amazing meal and danced the night away.  Find out if it's held in your city and go.  It's a wonderful concept!

Melbourne folk are famous for wearing black and we all had a laugh at the men who said they'd spent hours that morning trawling shops around Melbourne looking for white trousers.  Ha!

Guests meeting at Southern Cross Station

Getting to know our table friends

The napkin wave at 1930h signalling the start of the event 

The event was held along the Yarra in front of the Convention Centre.  So perfect.  We were also lucky that the weather was relatively mild, which is always a risk in Melbourne.

2100h sparkles 

Dancing the night away...

Wearing a Witchery top and Zara jeans