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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wishful Wednesday...

This Wednesday I'm wishin' and hopin' to find some leopard print for the upcoming season.. and to actually be brave enough to wear it... How divine is this leopard print maxi dress?  Coupled with a bit of summer glow and simple gold shoes and accessories....

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Monday, 27 September 2010

Meet my new shoes!

Now I know that metallic ballet flats were not on my shopping list for summer and I know they're eating into my NYE-spent-at-The-Peninsula-Hotel-in-Hong-Kong rather than NYE spent at an el cheapo hotel in Hong Kong budget, BUT they created visions of me in short shorts and a white shirt walking down the street on a hot summers day.  Plus they were heavily discounted and had a bit of Olivia Palermo to them!  Damn you Olivia...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Spring weekends

It's been a long, hard week.  I've had zero energy and motivation - for anything!  I am back at the gym full time after a very slack year.  3 gym sessions and one 'tan' run a week for the second week in a row.  I have lots planned for the summer and I need the body and the strength and energy to fit it all in.  I think Melbourne has finally heard my pleas for some warmth and sunshine and it finally delivered with two sunny, 21C/70F days.  There was a lot of smiles and appreciation shown by me.  Melbourne came alive for the AFL grand final (which ended up being a draw only for the 3rd time in history - AFL doesn't believe in extra time, so they have to come back for a rematch next week!)

The weather was so pleasing in fact that my legs came out of jeans/tights/trousers for the first time since April.  And my quest for a grey blazer ended with a $600+ Lover blazer picked up on eBay for $90.  Life's good!  Plenty of cooking, cleaning, cinema visits and reading was also actioned in between.

  • shakuhachi 'twisted sister' jersey dress
  • zac posen for target jacket
  • witchery suede boots
  • asos over the knee socks
  • sportsgirl eiffel tower brooch

Friday, 24 September 2010

Looks like Olivia has a new Birkin...

I must say I prefer her with long, blonde hair..

Majorly copying this outfit for summer!

Gosh she's a dream...

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Don't ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion. ~Author Unknown

Is it a bad thing that I don't save anything for a special occasion?  I have no dress, no necklace, no shoes, no lipstick and no bottle of wine or champagne for a "special" occasion.. Why save something when there's a chance that the occasion may never arise?  I think each day can be special if we make an effort to make it special.

To practice what I preach, I went to the ballet on Monday night with a frield to see Sir Peter Wright's The Nutcracker.  You really don't need to be a lover of the arts or the ballet to enjoy this wonderful, traditional narrative. 

via australian ballet

I was completely charmed by the music, the stage and the costumes.  Originally created for the Birmingham Royal Ballet in1990, English legend Sir Peter Wright’s version is a visual treat. Featuring sumptuous sets and costumes worthy of a fairytale, The Nutcracker is perfectly complemented by Tchaikovsky’s acclaimed score, his final ballet composition.
The Nutcracker is one of the most labour intensive productions to stage in The Australian Ballet’s repertoire. The level of detail in bringing this ballet to life is extraordinary. Allegedly, there are over 10,000 hand-sewn beads on each Sugar Plum Fairy costume, the famed Nutcracker doll has been lovingly handcrafted, and the foliage for the five metre tall Christmas tree features no less than seven shades of green material.

The costumes made me wish that there was room for tulle and lace and perfect grooming in my life.. without looking ridiculous to those around me...

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Quick buys for spring

Have I mentioned how sick I am of all of my winter clothes?  Not only that, but I'm also sick of the weather requiring me to wear these clothes.  I'm sick of the same old knits and I'm tired of the tights.  I'm sick of the cold air and wind penetrating every layer that I manage to pull on.  The clothes have had enough and so have I. 

I did some (window) shopping overthe weekend, looking out for the new trends.  Unfortunately the Australian chain stores and designers haven't caught onto the minimalist trend, so there's lots of volume, lots of layers, plenty of bows, florals and a general boho feel to the summer fashions.  Yet again it looks like I'm going to be dependant on online fashions from overseas.  I do want to support the Australian retail sector.  I really really do....

With my trip confirmed for the end of the year (and my list of restaurants and bars and must-stay-at-resorts growing my the day) mindless shopping is out and a carefully edited list of items is in!

And not one to waste time, I've already ticked some items off that list!

  • grey cotton boyfriend blazer.  Been on my wishlist for seasons and seasons now... FOUND
  • black shorts/playsuit
  • a pastel coloured, summer weight cardigan
  • printed smocks and blouses
  • a particular loose, draped leather and cottom singlet that I saw today
  • bright, pretty clutch bags... saying goodbye to the black carry all sized handbag and keeping it real with a clutch for day!  FOUND!
  • colourful bangles
  • simple black heeled sandals.  You have no idea how hard they are to find!
  • metallic flat leather sandals.  The old much loved pair needs to be replaced!
These ASOS goodies are on their way to me as we speak!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The post we had to have - Brownlow Medal 2010

AFL - a sport only really played in Melbourne.  Attracts some of the world's biggest crowds for home and away matches.

The Brownlow - the count where the umpires choose the best player of the season and where the girls vy for media attention with some daring outfits.  In 2006 a strict black tie rule was introduced for the event, so how some of these women made it through the door is beyond me!  It is no secret that some designers believe that being on the best dressed or worst dressed list is better than no list... it's just unfortunately that young girls fall for their ploys...

My choice for best dressed above.  Demure, classy and on trend in nude!  Not to mention black tie appropriate...

Brynne decided to take her skirt off... hmmm