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Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I struck gold a week or so ago, when OzSale had a wide selection of Essie polishes on sale for $5 (with free shipping).  In Australia they retail for almost $20.  I'm a creature of habit who usually wears shades of nude pink and red, so I picked up "Limited Addiction" and "Rock Candy" along with a top and base coat to replace my old OPI favourites.

Couldn't resist!

Confessions of a sugar addict...

I got carried away. 

Last Thursday I was at the Camilla & Marc afternoon tea, chatting to Camilla herself and some other lovely ladies, and the next thing I know a giant plate of macarons appears in front of me.  The same me who hadn't touched sugar in weeks and who without thinking grabbed 2 macarons, and then two more... and then two more.  JUST LIKE THAT. 

It set off an out of control sugar binge for 5 straight days, so bad that I'm sick and lethargic today. 

Back to the drawing board for me.