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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Party season favourite

How I wish I had thee Marchesa as a New Year's Eve option...

Azzedine Alaia J'Adore

Some of my favourite and most iconic Alaia images....

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The end is near...

I am a mere 24 hours away from competing my studies for the year (lets not think about the ugly 3 hour monster I have to sit tomorrow at 0930 hours)

The house needs a major clean (including the oven - which may require professional help).  I have a huge book of vegan recipes that I'm also itching to try.  As well as devouring the Christmas issue of Gourmet Traveller and earmarking the goodies I want to cook this summer.  Not to mention a day trip and lunch at a winery, a trip or two to the beach and bits and pieces to finalise for the trip AND a trip to Sydney this weekend.  PHEW.

I went completely out of my comfort zone for a dinner party last week and dressed ULTRA GIRLY!  Two people said I looked like Olivia Palermo (yes please!)  I'm usually such a minimalist dresser and felt like playing dress up that night.

zayt dress
french connection angora cardi
scanlan & theodore belt
sportsgirl necklace

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

You know Christmas is approaching when the party invites never end and it's suddenly 33C outside!

I'm one of those people who lets the season pass far too quickly without making much of an effort.  Ringing loved ones last minute begging them to tell me what I should buy them.  Cards are usually purchased from the poor selection remaining at the super market the night before.  Not to mention the family overseas that gets their cards and gifts WAY too late.

The hot weather just doesn't speak Christmas.  I want bare trees, scarves and snow.

Since my frantic post about the pit in my stomach at my impending holiday,  I have booked everything! I have a feeling that the overhelming number of bits and pieces that needed to be booked caused my anxiety.  Once I sat down and did it all (there was a lot to do - flights, transfers, hotels, restaurants, bike tours through rice paddies in Ubud...) I began to get rather excited.  And then it dawned on me that last minute Christmas things won't be a good idea as I'll have last minute trip things to attend to!

So this morning I have...
Ordered wonderful and thoughtful Christmas cards

A list of gift recepients has been drawn up!

I love giving (and receiving) books, so a large order has been placed through book depository, as almost everyone on said list will get a cute li'l book (and I did throw in a few for myself that I intend to read on holidays.. bliss)

Have thoughts if gifting lots of jewelry this Christmas also...

And I just about know what I'm wearing to all the parties... lots of white, lots of linen, lots of hair with bounce and lots of red lipstick.

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Monday, 22 November 2010

Serbia show case!

On top of still being really, really sick AND home sick after speaking to my grandmother last night, I thought a good cure would be to look through my photos from my 2008 trip.

A small selection of photos to show case a beautiful country...

Photos are unfortunately pre-SLR.

A very lonely and boring 14 hour stop over in Vienna.  Made all the worst considering that Belgrade is only about 600km away.  So close, yet so far.

When you're bored in Vienna, you go looking for Milka

Peaches at my grandparents house

The youngest of the cousins - Marko :)

Each time I go I try to visit a few monasteries.  This time I went to Studenica which was founded in 1190 and for many years was the centre of medieval Serbia.  To walk along the same path that so many saints and history making individuals walked was breath taking.  

The original frescos

The amazing streeets

Belgrade's oldest restaurant "Znak Pitanja" (Question Mark)

Knez Mihajlo

View from our apartment

Novi Sad

Saint Marko church

View over the Danube from Kalamegdan

Sunrise over the Danube