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Tuesday, 23 October 2007


It's been just over a week since Tose Proeski died. Who is he, why do I care?

Well that's irrelevant. The sad thing is that he was only 26 and died due to somebody else's stupidity.

We all spend our days chasing fortunes, fame and superficial status, yet life could end any day. No matter how great you are. I asked the question, why does God take great people so young, when we need them on earth to make this a better place and the answer I got was "to save them from this world before they have time to become messed up too".

We all think, no I won't get married yet, now is not the right time to have kids, no I won't give money to this, I'll just sleep in this Sunday and won't go to church. But how do you know it's not your last day and last chance to do that?

Sunday, 21 October 2007

The Election

Last week the election was called. I am on team Rudd.

John Howard is old, ignorant, totally up himself (for unnecessary reasons in my humble opinion) and just way out of his depth.

Time for a change I say.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Ah, glorious days!

Today is a near perfect day if I may say so myself. The sun is shining, the housework is complete and I am sitting on my tiny little balcony planning my summer wardrobe. I thought the day that the coat came off would never come.

I am currently reading the November edition of UK Vogue, and two features got me thinking: "does your wardrobe match your life?"

NO! I am a corporate type, yet I only own 2 suits. I own about 3 pairs of perfect (Scanlan and Theodore of course) trousers and some knits and that's about as appropriate as it gets. I own far too many dresses that lack the occasion to be worn and too many shoes that I lovingly admire from a far. You know when you open the box in the morning, remove the issue paper and quickly close it again because you can't bring yourself to endure the pain of walking in them 600m to the tram stop. Sigh. I really need to start BUYING practical. I am really starting to have nothing to wear. But I'm a woman, I can get away with everything, right?

The second article that got me thinking was "what do you do with your time". I was actually discussing this with my boyfriend and we decided that we don't do anything productive as such.

Here is my typical day the last 6 months.

6.50am Alarm goes off.
7.15am Crawl out of bed, spend the next half hour brushing teeth, growling over bad hair, thumbing my cupboard for something half creative to wear and chucking on some make up. Attempt to make lunch.
7.47am Walk 600m to the tram stop, pick up newspaper from the letterbox.
8am Board tram, catch up on world's events from the last 24 hours by reading said paper
8.23am Arrive at work, eat breakfast and finish reading said paper
9am Meetings
9.30am Action emails.. yadda yadda yadda
1pm Eat lunch at desk, stepping outside is a no no, too many money spending temptations
5.35pm Leave work, catch tram home, read whilst riding said tram
6.15pm Arrive home
6.30 Gym for an hour or so. If not gym, cook or clean or purchase groceries.
10pm Clonk out.

Now I'm depressed. I need a new life. You know nothing I do in my days contributes to anything worth while, it does not make me grow by any means. Where do I start?

Saturday, 13 October 2007

The return

I have decided to revive my old blog and will transfer my entries from myspace as time permits. Now that I am somewhat financially viable, I am going back to shopping and looking after myself as I had always intended. First up, a fabulous new cut and colour, and then the purchase of THE shoe of the season.