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Thursday, 29 September 2011

"The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others." Sonya Friedman


wedding dress: BHLDN

What a couple of weeks it's been.

My body doesn't do a common cold.  When a virus swirls around it takes a violent hold of my body and everything must go on hold.  I've learnt to listen to my body.  Whereas before I would have battled through it, now I know to rest and cancel ALL my commitments.

I took that opportunity to take a proper break and disconnect.  And read the pile of books I've had on my bedside table all year.  This year has been such a blur.  Christmas decorations are already in full swing in the department stores.  I'm just not ready!

From time to time I am sent samples of various things to try.  I'm honest in everyday life (some might say too honest), therefore I'm no different when it comes to my blog.  If I don't like something I won't feature it here.

A few weeks ago I was sent some samples of Mask in a Cup.  My skin is pretty good right now, so I can't comment on any problems that the mask may fix, but my skin was very soft and supple after I used it.  What I loved about these masks is that they are hygienic and easy to use, mix with water and throw out the cup when you're done. No sticking fingers in a jar once a week for 6 months.

(Please note I have NOT been paid to mention this product, it is an honest, unbiased opinion)

But the product I really loved is the Konjacu Fibre Sponge.  Wow!  When I'm wearing make up I have used it with cleanser to remove all traces of it perfectly.  When I'm not wearing make up, I wash my face with just water and the sponge.  I cannot believe how soft and clear and radiant it's been.  And such a bargain too. Will definitely be purchasing this one.

I have a commitment free weekend for the first time in months.  Cannot wait to tackle my recipe folder and sort through the pile of magazines threatening to take over the study. And enjoy a long breakfast, a pot of tea and Smurfs in 3D.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Missoni x Target

When you're on your death bed on your birthday you get lots of time to watch tennis.  Ummmmm Novak Djokovic what can I say.  I've followed him from his junior days to the very top.  I am a tennis nut.  I follow the rankings and all the tournaments.  I can give you a detailed biography of every player in the top 300.  It's an obsession of mine which you may not have known about.  Now you do.

You also have a lot of time to tweet and shop online and obsess over the Missoni collaboration for Target.

I had wanted a Missoni bikini since I could remember, but could never convince myself to pay $350 for it.  Cue Target.  Cue the website crashing within 5 minutes and Cue the wonderful Carrie nabbing me the skirt that I wanted before the big crash of 2011.

24 hours after the crash I managed to get on the website and score a bikini bottom (which did not come with the option to purchase a top?????) and 2 hand towels.  All for about one tenth of the price of the bikini.

Say hello to my new skirt

And my bikini bottom

And my two new hand towels.


Friday, 9 September 2011


In the fashion world September is big.  Huge.  The change of seasons marks a new beginning and a change in weather has our thoughts turning to what we'll be wearing next summer as the fashion week circuit kicks off in New York.

9/11 is also on our minds as we relive that life changing day and see what those that were the most affected are up to.

The magazines are thick and the stores are turning to Christmas (already). 

I'm thinking about my plans for summer (some time in Byron Bay TICK, some days at the tennis TICK).  The usual.  I'm tiring of sweaters and boots but it doesn't look like they'll be packed away any time soon.

And this September I'm trying not to hate my birthday.  Despite waking up with a terrible, terrible cold.

I'll even buy myself a gift.  And eat cake.  Maybe.  Bon weekend.

via habitually chic

Wang crush

Despite my Accu Weather app telling me that Melbourne is currently 7C but feels like -1C, I am completely loving this Alexander Wang dress.  The colour, the drape, the everything.

It's been a long time since I've really fallen in love with an item of clothing.  And it feels good to be back.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Brisbane through Instagram

I spent a glorious long weekend at home (home is where the heart is, right?).  Made all the better by a suitcase of gifts that my mother bought me from overseas (including half the Zara store in Novi Sad it seems) and lots of hazelnut Milka.

I've been self loathing of late (am suddenly confused about EVERYTHING and am doubting every decision I make) so the weekend really hit the spot.  Dad had some rare time off work and we made the most of it eating a lot, chatting lots and walking lots. Bliss.

Brisbane from GoMA

White chocolate & raspberry brioche from Freestyle Tout

You know Brisbane is growing up when Chanel comes knocking

Cupcakes from Shingle Inn

Hazelnut gelato from Arrivederci Pizzeria

Season's first mango

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Off duty

country road t shirt, sportsgirl fringe vest, sass & bide rats leggings, 
YSL "lauren" booties, samantha wills bangle, le specs sunglasses