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Friday, 14 October 2005

Can you handle the truth?

Lying is only natural: boffins
From: October 12, 2005

SCIENTISTS have discovered why some people are more adept than others at lying.There is a fundamental difference in brain structure between the compulsive fibber and the rest of mankind.

The US research found that pathological liars had significantly more white matter made of nerve fibres that join different brain parts and enable quick, complex thinking and less grey matter, which is believed to control inhibitions and have a bearing on morality.

They concluded that people who habitually lie, cheat and manipulate have more "wiring" in their brains, equipping them to deal with the type of fast judgments that have to be made in order to lie and get away with it.

"Lying is not easy,' researcher Professor Adrian Raine said.


AHA! I always knew it! It seemed that the teachers at school I lied to about completing homework (they wanted to treat us like adults so instead of inspecting it they simply asked us) were the ones who consistently told my parents that I was a bright student with a prosperous future, yet when I attempted to do the work set in the unnecessarily mathematical subjects I always get neutral feedback! I suppose all that practice also means that my mum now believes me that my new Lisa Ho dress was on sale from Target, as were those shoes - even though I'm apparently saving for a house!! ;)

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