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Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Happy days

Now I am usually a home body, but it seems that once uni starts I'm party central.

Had a tough week last week.. Hit Maccas on my way home on Sunday night and was cursed with food poisoning for most of the week. As a result.. missed classes. missed work = ---pay. I felt like I was half dead and then on Tuesday and wake and voila.. as if nothing had happened. Bless you Imodium.

Life is still confusing as usual. Relationships are all the same.. once they get to a certail stage, you want them to progress to the next level.. for things to keep moving and once they don't you start questioning where it is all going. Have been pondering many things a lot... Grad recruitment is in full swing.. Have been attending workshops and what not, yet to apply for anything though, still have on average about 10 days to get everything in. GOAL: hit Borders for a resume/application question book!

Now the topic of girls. How some girls are just so trashy. I wish they would leave others boyfriends alone. Jumping on a guy who is dancing on a podium does not qualify as trying to find yourself a boyfriend. Especially when he could well be someone's boyfriend! Whatever happened to being a lady, having self respect and restraint. It's one thing to introduce yourself to someone and completely another to throw yourself at them!!!

The weekend was a bit too busy.. I should really be studying, I'm far too behind for my own good and I have ongoing weekly assessment for most subjects so I'm not doing myself any favours.

  1. Took Niko to vball, which they won :D
  2. Studied for law... VFed a bit too much in between :S
  3. Went to Japanese for Rod's 22nd, Oyaka, Onaya?? Something like that in the valley. Loved the food.. the sushi and sashimi in particular.. but at $35 a head, Kon was really, very, unimpressed..
  4. Sunday we went to church as usual.

We decided that Little Taipei was the place to head for Sunday lunch, as apparently everyone loves it there. Upon arrival we came to the conclusion that none of us had previously dined there, so we were suspect about the quality and left for Southbank armed with a Slurpi each!

We had far too many beverages.. milk teas, smoothies etc and no lunch as yet haha. Made some mushroom pasta at Alena's for dinner and stayed til after 10. Lovely w/e, ableit not very productive.

Had a good day at uni so far I must say... Have enjoyed my classes today.. The title comes from my Metrix tutor, who like to say, happy days a lot of ensure we are grasping the concepts. Strange fellow.

With that I leave you for my Metrix lecture!

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