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Tuesday, 23 October 2007


It's been just over a week since Tose Proeski died. Who is he, why do I care?

Well that's irrelevant. The sad thing is that he was only 26 and died due to somebody else's stupidity.

We all spend our days chasing fortunes, fame and superficial status, yet life could end any day. No matter how great you are. I asked the question, why does God take great people so young, when we need them on earth to make this a better place and the answer I got was "to save them from this world before they have time to become messed up too".

We all think, no I won't get married yet, now is not the right time to have kids, no I won't give money to this, I'll just sleep in this Sunday and won't go to church. But how do you know it's not your last day and last chance to do that?

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