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Monday, 10 March 2008


I have not blogged in such a long time.

In that time a lot has happened. Kosovo.  People keep asking me what I think. Well, I think that Kosovo was lost a long time ago.  I think Milos Obilic, Car Lazar and Sveti Sava would be crying in heaven, looking down at us, ashamed that some 80 years ago we let scum move into our holiest land.  We let them torture our people and burn our churches.  We forgot the amount of Serbian blood that was spilt in Kosovo, for Kosovo and the saviour of our people.

I am feeling awfully guilty wasting away in bed all day today.  It's a glorious, very summery day for autumn, but I am not complaining.   I know that soon enough I will have my knits and gloves out.  I am loving my new macbook with it's wireless internet working properly.   I am banned from shopping forever though LOL.

I am now saving for my big travel plans over the next while.  Thailand and Hong Kong are paid for.  14 days of summer in the middle of Melbourne winter will be a nice break.  Depending on a lot of things I will be off to Chicago & NYC in December and then firmly, ako Bog da - Jerusalem and Serbia in April 2009.  Forget pretty shoes, that's what I really want.

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