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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Today, Tomorrow.. Always

What is today's date?- March 4, 2009...
What was the first thing that happened?- I woke up.. went to get my mail and came to work??
Who was the first person you talked to?- My husband of course
What was the best thing that happened so far?-The new issue of Vogue being out... oh how vain I am lol
What was the best thing you've eaten?- A mint lol
Whats the worst thing you've eaten?-Considering it's not even 9am I've not eaten much at all
Who were you with?- Woke up next to my husband and am now at work!
Where did you go?-Post office then work
What did you wear?-A suit
What did you buy?-Tram ticket & Vogue
What was the best song you heard?-I've not heard a song yet
What's the funniest thing that happened?-My tennis partner being keen to win the final tonight, a bit too keen!

Whats tomorrow's date?-March 5, 2009...
Got any plans?-Same as always - working
Is there anything you HAVE to do?- Nothing is a "have to" apart from death. Which I hope won't happen tomorrow
Who are you going to be with?-The usuals
What would you like to get accomplished?-Book the other bits and pieces of the trip
Who are you defiantly going to talk to?-Customers!
Do you have to go to school/work?-Work

Who do you want to marry?-I am already married to him!
When do you want to get married?-Been there done that
How do you want to get married?- NA
Where do you want to settle down at?-Anything but a massive McMansion!
Whats your dream job?-CEO of a charitable organisation
How many kids do you want?- However many God gives me
What do you want your kid's names to be?-They'll be named after the saint they were born close to
Do you want to have kids early or later on in life?- Middle ground
What kind of house do you want to live in?-As long as it isn't bigggggggg.. Not my thing at all
What kind of car do you want to drive?-A nice lil Merc
How many and what kind of pets do you want to have?- Just a doggy pls
Where do you want to go to college (If you haven't already)?- Been there and never doing that again!

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