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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Shop therapy

Has the GFC, as it's known in Australia, changed your shopping habits? Do you experience disgust, fear and guilt every time you lust over a must have, indulgent item। Do you experience pangs and doubt your decision when the plastic comes out when you're about the finalise your order on NAP?

I do। I feel the same pangs even when finalising an order on The Outnet, where my final invoice amount can be about 5-10 times less than it was on NAP. My psyche has well and truly shifted away from plastic pleasure to plastic displeasure.

This has had it's positives। The amount of plastic in my wallet has decreased from 4 to 1. The bank doesn't make nearly as much money from me as it used to. I no longer fear opening the envelope and scratching my head in amazement that I spent THAT much on one binge and still have NOTHING to wear out for dinner tonight??

Danger danger danger - I feel disgust towards the price of that flimpsy, made in China man made silk frock that I'll only wear once anyway, at which time my brain will long for something just as dangerous।

But hang on a second, if we all stop our habits dead in our tracks, what will happen to the designers, the pattern makers, the seamstresses, the fabric supplies, the manufacturers, the dock people, the sales assistants, the banks we borrow money from to fund our lavish lifestyles? Don't I have to continue to support these people and their families. Since I still have a job, shouldn't I be celebrating and rewarding myself for my austerity? I'm worth it, I survived, the good times are rollin'...

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  1. The GFC hasn't changed the way I shop at all! I didn't even feel it, and we're on the other side of it already...


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