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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sugar free update

Since converting to mostly organic and free range products and curbing my sugar intake, I have been much happier. I now survive on much less sleep and can concentrate for longer periods (believe it or not last year I barely lasted 5 minutes). Not to mention a completely flat stomach.

As a test I had a small handful of mini Easter yesterday afternoon which resulted in a feeling of hangover today. Ewww.

Don't despair though, I'm still eating amazing foods.

Coconut yoghurt is a salvation. It's creamy and filling and believe it or not has no sugar in it at all. Along with halloumi cheese.


  1. Looks fabulous and does wonders for your skin xx

  2. Yum looks delish too... Coconut yoghurt, can I get that from any supermarket? X

  3. Haven't seen it at super markets (but I haven't looked) - I get it from Thomas Dux grocer!! x

  4. Ha!
    I had halloumi today in my salad (cucumber/tomato/bbq'd lamb back strap)




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