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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I very rarely browse Etsy.  I find it's a black hole full of things I want.  I can easily spend 5 hours discovering the most beautiful items and getting lost in the beauty of everything I come across.  I suddenly imagine myself wearing long kaftans, silk jumpsuits and outrageous jewellery.  Etsy totally sucks me in.  Luckily I'm pretty good at avoiding it.  It's too annoying to browse on my phone and I rarely open my laptop these days.

I didn't however have much luck avoiding the beautiful and dainty jewellery of Illuminance Jewelry.

Everything is exquisitely made and insanely beautiful. Some of favourites that are headed my way...


all images below to Etsy seller.


  1. Beautiful pieces! I have recently been given a rose gold watch, need gems like these to match! Hope you are well XX

  2. Beautiful designs and hope you had a wonderful birthday....! XXX

  3. i am digging these! i like most things gold though...but these are def unique!

  4. I love the rings! If I start looking at etsy I can spend hours going through it.



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