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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Boot scootin'

What better way to procrastinate getting out of bed to go to the gym than trying to decide which new boots to buy for next winter. Right as summer is about to start.  Typical me.

As I'll be taking most of next year off, the pony hair boots couldn't be justified.  I couldn't blame my clients for needing them.

Instead I hit the practical route and got these.  They will probably serve me better and wiser next year and could well come to France with me, depending on when I go.  It's all about the inner dialogue justifying it to the wallet.

The real issue at hand however is what on earth I'm going to wear this summer, if summer ever decides to arrive (last night I had the heating on).  Most of my wardrobe was sold or thrown out this year and I hate all the fluro tank tops they're trying to make me wear.  May just live in a sarong.


  1. The pony hair boots are lovely!

    Erina x

  2. i love the pony hair with the gold!
    you should ask santa!

  3. The boots you picked will be the best! And I am still reeling at the lovely news that you WON a trip to Paris... XXX Wooo Hooo!


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