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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Tree

We live across the road from a beautiful florist and despite being a grinch and hating the commercial aspect of Christmas, my husband got into the spirit of it and surprised me with a real Christmas tree.  Apparently these bad boys are slow to grow, so we will hang onto it for a few years and grow it and use it year in and year out.  Once you have a real Christmas tree, you can't go back to the plastic trees that's for sure.  

This month has utterly exhausted me and I'm looking forward to my parents arriving next week to fuss over me.  Sometimes it's fun to be spoilt like a child.


  1. I love the idea of a real tree, especially one that can grow with you from year to year. No plastic stuff over here either!

  2. Cute tree... how nice of your husband. In England we have one I haul inside every year. Had to get a little pretendy one here! Never mind... And you deserve to be spoilt, and fussed over. Most


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