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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Love a Friday

Weather wise, this was easily the best summer in Melbourne since I've lived here. We had proper hot days. Even consecutive hot days.

A couple of Fridays ago Ari and I ventured down to Mornington on a warm Friday to have lunch with a friend and her baby.

DOC - the best pizza in Victoria. Actually the best pizza ever.

Damn good pannacota too.

Watching the world go by. Enjoying every moment of being a mum to a wonderful little girl. I love being near the ocean and I can't wait to spend lots of time there with A when summer returns. The ocean calms me and reenergises me.

The following day we spent in Geelong, again enjoying the sunshine and spending time outdoors.

I'm wearing my new uniform - Country Road Moto Jeans, Jeans West top, T&Co necklace.

Sleeping angel Ari says hi xxxx



  1. What a gorgeous pic of Ari.. and your pizza looked amazing... Must try that place out when I return. S x

  2. great blog!


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