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Friday, 4 October 2013

Casual White Jeans Friday

This year one of the things on my fashion wish list were a pair of white jeans. White boyfriend jeans in fact. Bit silly considering that I'm surrounded by grubby fingers. For that reason I didn't splash out on a decent pair and was stoked to find these at Zara for $45. They're not boyfriend cut but they'll help me get over my white denim obsession for the moment. Even Ari got into the spirit with her own pair from Cotton On Kids. While B has had a pair for years. Such a trend setter he is.


  1. That pic of the 3 of you is too cute! I can't do white jeans... Chunky thighs and white bottoms don't work.

  2. Love white jeans, love the whole family in white jeans!

  3. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Love the white jean look. You look great :) Elizabeth Hurley and Yolanda Foster (RHOBH) seem to nail this too.


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