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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas gift brain storm

This year more than ever I am keeping the Christmas gift list short and simple and gifting relatively useful and simple and mostly inexpensive gifts.  My rule is always to give something that I would love to receive.  Here are some ideas for all ages and genders.  Including little ones.

Donna Hay cook book (I always love to wrap a cook book in a tea towel)

Reindeer noses chocolates

Suits DVD box set to enjoy on the lazy days off not spent at the beach.  Best TV show around.

Country Road beach towel - the best, best, best towels around

Louis Vuitton Luggage Tag

Fisher Price - Baby's First Blocks - my absolute favourite children's toy for a range of ages.  Every little kid on my list is getting one of these.


  1. I love love love love this gift guide!!!!!!! Best I've seen. You've helped me with a range of gifts. Thank you.
    I'm trying to keep it simple too!
    Laura - Elsee Blog

  2. I'm buying the exact same blocks for my Kikiriki this xmas......and I finally found that toy washing machine for Aleksa..and it came with a free maybe I can keep him away from the laundry and the kitchen...haha...


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