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Monday, 16 June 2014

Pining a bathroom renovation

How easy is it to get way ahead of yourself when renovating and decorating?  I mean, if I had it my way I would have a giant freestanding stone tub overlooking the Manhattan skyline...but anyway...

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In reality, I needed something practical that would make a fairly small bathroom look bigger and look high end on a low/mid range budget.  Fifty shades of white and grey was the only option.  It seemed not to polarise anybody too much.

I've learnt that it's important to research and find what you can save on and where it pays to splurge. I initially wanted to wallpaper or at least avoid tiles as much as possible, but as everyone kept pointing out to me, people walk into a bathroom and expect to see TILES, so tiles they're getting.  Once I conceded the tile argument I wanted the tiles to be as matte as possible but again that idea was shot down quickly.  According to all the experts, large gloss tiles create an illusion of more space and are easier to keep clean.  So I settled for "classic white" gloss wall tiles and a beautiful, matte grey textured porcelain floor tile.  Splurging on the floor tiles was a very good decision. I really love them.  I have lost many hours of precious sleep considering and pouring over pictures and matching shades of grey to shades of white. Real estate photos made me quickly realise all the things I didn't want in the bathroom, yet I found it so hard to decide on what I actually wanted.  Maybe that's why it look me 3 years to start the renovation? I am also not really a fan of modern homes and interiors but that's kind of stupid isn't it, how do you renovate something without it being new and shiny and modern?  You don't.  You choose accessories to match your aesthetic!

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This is pretty much the look that I settled on. Clean and minimal lines.  My pinterest board for the renovation quickly started to show the same theme.  Lots of white and a grey floor. I imported the highest end tapware from Germany and paid significantly less than I would have paid for mid range stuff at retail prices domestically. The bath and vanity are not perfect but they were sourced dirt cheap from an auction house. And my wonderful and generous dad has donated his talents and time to do the majority of the work. 

Some other little treats I'm planning:


I'm on the look out for a statement mirror.  Lots of character and minimum cost!

Glass jars and canisters in drawers to hold accessories

And a board to hold a mug of tea and a book in the bath... bliss.

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  1. Hi luv, I bought some really good glass jars in different sizes with lids........They hold everything from cufflinks, to ear buds and my makeup wipes...its really cleaned up everything I think you doing this is a great idea...and the jars are so cheap to buy too!!!..


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