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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

On holiday

Playing in the sand 

1.2km of stairs at 5am. 


The best spot to enjoy hot lemon water at 5am

Chambray love.  Wearing it every day.

Stirring mum a drink

Sunrise from QT hotel

Grocer & Grind 

I don't think I realised how tired and burnt out I was until the stress of going on holiday was over. Repeated illness and running on empty. Not enough sleep. Not enough hours in the day. I was pulling myself together and faking it with good shoes and make up. That's just what you do. We all live in the same world. Attached to our phones and emails and petrified of people's reactions if we cannot be reached right then and there. Going on holidays stressed me out. Being away and having to pack to go away didn't seem worth it. I made a giant list of toddler necessities I needed to pack and another list of "maybe I also need this stuff just in case" which left room for about 3 outfits for me to wear for 3 weeks. And it's damn awesome to open up a suitcase and not have to make a choice about what to wear that day. I was up before 5 most days. I ran up countless stairs. I enjoyed sunshine and amazing food. I loved the early morning rising and early night routine. I even managed a siesta or two (or six).  There's a reason why we go on holiday.  I've already booked my next one.

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