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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Travelling my way

I know that the "this is how you should pack your suitcase" blog posts and articles can get under peoples skins but I secretly love reading them.  Vogue magazines traditionally publish the most envy inducing snippets, favourite destinations and must pack essentials of the jet set crowd and I devour those articles every single time.  I have a fair bit of travel experience, including with baby and toddler so here go my thoughts-

  1. Anywhere warm and beachy is my go to.   Noosa!  The weather is balmy and the water SO warm.  
  2. I love to wear white on holidays.  All the pieces match and white looks awesome with a bit of a tan (mostly fake for me these days).  I am a devout fan of Ecotan.  
  3. I obsessively pack everything separately.  I'm a sucker for anything travel sized and I have several small bags for make up, hair products, skincare etc which makes it easier to pack and unpack both at home and away.
  4. Muji is my best friend.  I use this tote for toiletries and hair products and I own a gazillion of these squeeze tubes that I pour moisturiser, shampoo etc etc into and keep topped up and ready to go.  They're easy to label with a marker.  As soon as I return from a trip and begin to unpack I refill everything so it's ready to go for next time.  I also refill zip lock bags with cotton tips and pads and headache tables as they are always so easy to forget to pack and a pain to have to go and buy at the destination.  Who needs a pack of 50 cotton pads when you just want 5? Mesh zip cases are also great for the small bits and pieces - lip balms, pens, coins and so on as the contents are visible.  They have saved me digging through the bottom of an endless pit that is a large tote bag on many occasions.  
  5. The key to travel with a toddler is novelty.  On many occasions the flight cards and the meal tray will keep them busy for hours but some new stickers, small toys and favourite books never go astray.  We currently love the Apples to Pears Farm in a Tin.  
  6. When travelling with a baby or a toddler always pack an outfit change for the both of you.  Chances of them spewing are higher when you don't have a spare outfit... 
  7. Take those exercise clothes and use them!  I love to do some stair runs early in the morning to get the blood flowing and there will never be as many leisure hours at home as there is on holidays.  

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