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Thursday, 13 April 2006

More boring stuff.

Ok, so I left you on Monday night with a fried brain from PwC, things have not improved. Kon called me to save the day as he's decided that he will apply for jobs. He's so sweet and innocent. Yet so confused.

Clonked out rather early due to afore mentioned friend brain.

Tuesday was spent largely trying to study for Monetary Economics. I got distracted a lot also as per usual. Work sucked extremely. Kay called in sick which left us short staffed. Rushed home and did some research on Moore Stephens for my interview.

Woke up this morning at 5.59am, dead tired. Did some exam revision in bed lol

Headed out the door at 8.30, on the bus into the city then off to uni. The exam was ok, doable but nothing special. Not that I care, I'm stuffed!

Paid $20 for my academic transcripts, oh the torture, I have such terrible terrible results.

Ran off to city for the Moore Stephens interview. They seem a really sweet and a tight knit bunch. They asked me general questions.. why I want to work there yadda yadda.. hardest question I got was.. what is the biggest risk you have ever taken. .. eerrr??? so they pushed me through to next round already :D

CBA test followed.. just reading graphs and working out stuff from the data.. a weird english test.. a passage and then "which of these is likely to weaken the statement"... then a whole bunch of personality tests.. i am a great leader, agree or disagree.. yawn.

Highlight of the day was buying a lime green business shirt for my EY interview and a Jag leather wallet for $5.59. My life is so exciting!

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