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Saturday, 22 April 2006

Which bank?

Not long ago, I had my phone interview with CBA. That means that I had made it past the assessment day. I was told 300 people were being interviewed via the phone. I'm pretty sure that they have a few grad positions, but they're in Sydney :S

Her name was Abbey.. she didn't ask me too much.

+ Why I want to work fro CBA?
+ Why I like their program?
+ Why I chose my preferencial division?
+ What sort of people do I think CBA hires?
+ What I've got out of uni and why I chose the course?
+ Something else I'm sure
+ Who else I've applied to and how I was going? She was so pushy about it too! It was annoying, wanted me to name names etc.

Not cool.

It's Good Friday and I should be being good.. need to study but am also going to work tonight :S

KPMG was meant to be on today, but was rescheduled... eek. I was too lazy to prepare last night so did some last minute research today. Bleh

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