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Monday, 26 November 2007

Tiger Airways

I was mostly impressed. Except the strict flight closure 45 minues before take off.
I'm a frequent traveller, but I've never flown Jetstar so I can't compare it with that particular budget airline. The staff are still learning the ropes so their safety instructions weren't smoothly read. Fine by me. The flight was smooth, the seats were comfortable the staff were helpful enough.
My feet touched the headrest in front of me. Which could have been a problem if I'd been sitting in that seat for 12 hours, but a short domestic flight is a non issue. I was pretty impressed with the seats - very wide and comfortable.
All in all it's a thumbs up from me. It certainly was not a "never again" experience.
And it seems the competitors are feeling the pinch already.
Whatever happens it's great to see holidays becoming more affordable for all and some great destinations being rediscovered and being up for a few extra tourist dollars.
“Tiger will increase direct access to and from Melbourne for locals and visitors by over 1,000 seats per week.”

“This is great news for the regional economy, great news for the tourism industry and great news for the budget conscious traveller.”
Last night, my flight was full of sunburnt Melbournians who hadn't had a holiday in years.

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