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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New year, new me?

New year, new you, or so they say.

2007 was a long year, despite the fact that it flew by. It was also a very hard year. No I wasn't starving, nor was I in a war zone but I was pushed out of my comfort zone a lot.

A wrap up:
January is always the best. Always. Christmas, slava, Serb NYE, Nik's bday, Sv Sava etc. I love it, the weather is amazing and the family is at home.

February - I move out of home and interstate. I was homeless for a week, only to find out my new home SUCKS ASS.

March - Work sucked. A new job was mandatory.

April - Went back home for Easter, which made my homesick even worse. It got too cold for my trench coat in Melbourne :((

The next 6 months were famous for me whinging about the cold. I could have killed someone! Oh and I bought a house! Lifelong commitment that one! Once Melbourne Cup rolled around I was much better and am actually enjoying Melbourne a lot more.

I have high hopes for 2008.

Travel overseas twice!
Consolidate my finances (!!)
Get back into the gym
I'm also getting married...?
Start some sort of postgraduate study.
Eat organic.

Hmm, lets see how I go.

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