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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Greetings from Bali

One thing about holidays and me is that time seems to go very slow.  I'm unable to sleep much more than I usually sleep, and since nothing in Asia seems to open before 11am I find myself looking at my watch and thinking, is it REALLY only 8:45am?  Did I really only leave Melbourne 4 days ago?

I have been in Bali about 16 hours now, and it has rained for about 15 of those hours.  Maybe a bit more.  And when she I say rain, I mean rain.  Monsoon.  Perfect excuse to splurge a whole USD11 for the best massage I've had in my whole entire life.  I don't think the forecast is looking any better for the remainder of the week that I am here.  Not to worry, there's always facials and reflexology and cocktails and pedicures to keep me occupied.

While Singapore was all about order with a lot of shopping, trust Bali to bring you down to earth.  This place really is the best and the worst of everything in this world.  From amazing food and hospitality to amazing 6 star resorts tucked away behind a street full of extreme poverty, unsafe driving, drugs, prostitution and stray diseased dogs. 

I had the longest list of sights and sounds I wanted to see, but I don't think the monsoon is likely to let me do that, so I may as well go back to bed and watch the discovery channel and write those postcards I promised.

I decided at the very last minute, not to bring my laptop, so no live updates or photos until I return to Melbourne.  I wish I had the time to visit each and every one of your blogs and write each and every one of you an email, but I don't, so with this post, I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and I wish you all a happy, healthy, successful and adventerous new year.

M xxx


  1. Aw shame about the weather but sounds like you are looking at the silver lining, nevertheless hope you get a bit of dry and sun

  2. Anonymous6:25 pm

    I want to see photos!!!! Can't wait to see them when you get back :)

  3. Sorry about the rain but try and relax and have all those lovely beauty treatments - enjoy!

  4. M it's so good to hear from you!! Today's my first time w/internet since arriving in Canada. I loved reading your update. You even SOUND relaxed. Enjoy every minute, dear friend!!


  5. I've always wanted to visit Bali, so exciting that you're there! But too bad about the weather. I agree, more excuses to get massages and facials and relax. Enjoy your trip!


  6. Oh no...just when you're longing for some tropical sun, the weather gods play up. That's too bad! However, as you say, it seems like a very good excuse to indulge yourself with any number of wonderful spa treatments. USD 11 for a massage is a steal! Still hope you at least get to do some of the other things you want to do and see, though.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that the holiday turns out to be everything you wished for and more. I'll be so looking forward to seeing photos and hear more about the trip when you return.

    Best wishes for the New Year!

    Hugs, :)

  7. Have a fun and safe trip!



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