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Friday, 3 December 2010


While pondering my summer wardrobe it dawned on me that I was missing a pair of versatile sandals.  Something sturdy I could wear to work, that could take me from day to night during the party season.  My favourite pair of patent nude sandals was tragically destroyed last year as I was walking down Collins Street to a client's Christmas party in torrential rain.  They had the perfect heel height and were "worn in" the previous year, making for a pair of very comfortable pair of shoes, something that's rare for me.  They were delicate, supposedly hand made in Italy and the rain ruined the leather sole and made the glue come undone.

Fast forward to me falling in love with a pair of Jimmy Choo's on Saks which retailed for a prohibitive AUD1000+.

And then discovering a very similar pair at Witchery, and thanks to free shipping and a 20% off code.

They came in at around 10% of the price of the Choos!


  1. oh

    those shoes are divine!! i love when you can find the same thing for a fraction of the cost!!


  2. They look EXACTLY like the Choos. You would never know the difference and for such a great price! Good find girl...xo

  3. Oh, I like those!!

  4. *Drool....................*

    Nuff said. ;)


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