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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal Wedding - William & Kate

What on earth do I write about the royal wedding that hasn't been written?  The only thing that I can think of is that I am glad that I didn't watch it on my own.  Watching the encore the following day turned me into a crying mess.  The girls kept me entertained on Friday night - just enough not to cry.  Admittedly though, I cry at most weddings.

Putting aside Kate's social climbing family the whole thing was very exquisite.  Even though in today's day and age the royal families are virtually redundant, one cannot ignore the significant sacrifices they have made for their respective countries.  The wars they have fought for the freedom and land that we call our own.  Nobody should be allowed to take that from the ancestors of these brave people.  And I'm not sure that I agree with the "watering down" of the bloodlines.  I guess there's only so many distant cousins you can marry...

Kate completely forgot who she was meant to be when she left the hotel.  She was waving enthusiastically and carefree like any bride.

The dress was perfect for the occasion.  Let's not forget that 17 monarchs are buried within those walls.  Something conservative, yet grand was a must.  It complimented the occasion and the setting perfectly.  And it complimented Kate's usual style brilliantly.  I didn't enjoy the angora sweater worn as the reception dress - she would have looked amazing in Pippa's bridesmaid dress.  Not that Pippa didn't look DIVINE!  William was dashing in his uniform and looked to be bursting with love and excitement at his bride.  He made the whole event about her.  Holding her hand, slightly tilting his body towards her and repeatedly asking her if she was okay.  He's grown into the most wonderful, charming and confident man.  His mother would be thrilled.  I didn't really think that Camilla should have joined them for the signing of the registry.  I don't think that anyone should replace their mother and they should have respected the fact that Lady Diana wasn't there.  Her place should have been left empty in the altar.

And if nothing else, an event like this was needed in Britain, which has been one of the hardest hit places on the planet by the financial crisis.  The boost to morale of the people is priceless.

Like any couple who have married knows, the elation one feels on the day and in the days following is a feeling unlike any other and I'm glad they're now able to enjoy a few days to reflect on a perfect day.  Many years!


  1. she was just BEAUTIFUL wasn't she??? i liked your commentary!!

  2. A great reflection on the day... loved your post. And I so agree. I don't think that Camilla should have gone into the Registry to sign the papers or whatever they signed. Surely Lady Diana's sister could have gone instead. Apart from that - beautiful. And like you on the night I kept my tears in check (just) but next day watching my recording - another matter completely!! XXX

  3. i cried. as i watched at the time and then 2 times in the days later. i just couldn't help myself. so many memories and so much love between these two in stark contrast to charles and di. it was such a fabulous day.

    now please do tell me more about her parents being social climbers. i've heard murmurs of this, but don't understand where this is coming from.



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