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Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

I am busily doing the finals bits and pieces for the Royal Wedding party I am hosting tonight.  I have tiaras and lots of Pimm's.  Should be great fun.

But I can't help but be sad that Diana won't be there.  She would have been so happy seeing William getting married.  What would she have worn?  Would she herself be married again?

I still love looking at photos of the wedding.  I hope tonight will be just as grand.

via Central Press


  1. Good luck with the dinner party! Enjoy the wedding :D

  2. Good luck with the dinner party! Enjoy the wedding :D

  3. I agree. All I can picture is her huge smile. Have a fab party!! XX

  4. Agreed, but Diana will definitely be there with them in spirit and he (William) is a testament and a credit to his loving mother. I think we will be in for a wonderful evening and I don't think it will disappoint - so excited already... Enjoy your party! xxw

  5. I can't wait for this wedding! I am so excited :)

    It is sad about Diana not being there. William is so much like Diana in the way he is chatting to the crowds of people and seems so caring.

  6. So excited! I remember it so well as a 20 year old watching it with my mother and now my own nearly 20 year old is watching it with me equally excited!!
    Do you know I read in the Guardian that Diana and Charles only met 13 times before they got married!!! Seriously!
    William and Catherine have had a totally different courtship and I think they are going to be wonderful together

  7. Hello! Ahh these pictures are so nostalgic - the coverage here has been full of them all week. I love that there is so much interest internationally and that you are hosting a party! I feel like there is going to be a fabulous British spectacle today and we all get to sit back and enjoy! Have funw ith your pimms! Lou x

  8. Beautiful old Diana pics :)

    LOVE minnja


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