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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

LMFF 2012 - Alex Perry Presentation

What's more exciting than an invitation from the divine Josh Flinn on the eve of LMFF to the Alex Perry presentation?  Not much!

The scramble to find something to wear resulted in the purchase of two dresses, none of which arrived in time, rendering my new lipstick the most important component of my outfit. I'm a woman of many talents, none of which is finding something to wear in a wardrobe full of clothes.  No wonder I'm selling virtually all of it...

The show was nothing less than spectacular.  Lots of glamour.  Lots of white and nude with a dash of red and plenty of sparkle.

And I must mention the Tony Bianco shoes that the models were sporting, along with every second person in the front row.  You heard it here first.

Thank you Josh and Alex for having me xxx

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  1. Oh my God his gowns are stunning, so beautiful.



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