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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Grace Kelly Exhibit: Bendigo, Victoria

Bendigo totally took me by surprise.  I hadn't ventured much out of Melbourne (except to Portsea and Daylesford) so I used the Grace Kelly Exhibit as an excuse for a road trip.  The exhibit itself is wonderful.  I love that Grace was such a huge champion of wearing things more than once.  If you buy something fabulous that you love, why shouldn't you wear it over and over again, year after year?  Two issues I had with the exhibit though a) it is much too dark in there and b)  the crowds.  Despite timed entry it was absolutely overstuffed with people and a definitely got the sense that the person standing behind me was hurrying mealong.  I would have loved to have been able to sit and watch the home video footage.  Perhaps I will go back on a weekday?

If you get the opportunity to go to Bendigo, do make a reservation for a long lazy lunch at Wine Bank On View - wonderful food and great service.  And being in the country, nobody will hurry you up.  The restaurant is housed in an old bank building, built in 1876.

Bendigo is such a charming little city with rich history and significance.  It's a very easy 2 hour drive from Melbourne.  Will definitely be back...


  1. Must plan a day up there sometime. Looks wonderful!

  2. Have done a few of the other towns in the area but not Bendigo - must go - lovely photographs and interesting what you say about the exhibition - will time it for a week day. The Bank lunch place looks gorgeous. x

  3. Anonymous10:38 pm

    My parents own the wine bank (I grew up in bendigo and all my family still lives there) its so nice you have written an accurate write up of my home town and parents place.


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