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Monday, 1 October 2012

Make a stand

I'm probably one of the most opinionated people you are likely to meet.  I like to form an opinion on EVERYTHING, however I don't voice much of that on my blog.  I love engaging in debates, I love learning about new things, I love reading.  My mind is always buzzing with thoughts.  And this post maybe unlike others that I post but I felt compelled to voice my thoughts. If you follow me on Twitter, this is probably nothing new for you.

This past week I have been both upset and angered at the treatment of women in Australia.  Firstly the vulgar attacks on our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and the awful comments from Alan Jones about her fathers death.  Although I don't agree with a lot of her policies, I truly believe that she has been absolutely crucified during her leadership mostly because she is a woman.  Her personal life choices are just that and should have nothing to do with how she does her job.  I am tired of women being belittled and I am tired of society doing nothing about it.  If a public figure gets away with humiliating the leader of our country in the media, what example does that set the wider community?  Question her policies by all means, but do not bring the death of her father into it in the most derogatory of ways.  Why does society continue to employ these men and continue to accept their indiscretions.   

Even more tragic was the death of Jill Meagher.  It's amazing how this sad event has touched so many people from all walks of life.  I suppose because Jill is just like the rest of us.  An ordinary young woman who went out for drinks with friends from work and never came home.  When a bush walker goes missing, you think, well I don't go bush walking.  But everyone goes out on a Friday night.  I hope this brings regulation to the taxi industry; taxis often refuse short fares, forcing us to walk home which could place us in dark streets surrounded by strange people.  Cameras in notorious spots are often not working (I once had all of my belongings stolen and I could see 5 cameras positioned towards the spot where I was, yet all of them were switched off).  I hope that people take harassment seriously.  The footage shows a man approaching Jill and engaging in a conversation that she was clearly uncomfortable having.  If a woman says no to speaking with you, it should be taken as a no.  Let alone any further advances.  Why should women have to put up with unwanted conversation and be forced to fight it off?  I won't even begin to voice my opinions on individuals with extensive history of violence towards women being released back into the community... convincing officers of the law that they are cured.  Some illnesses have no cure.  There are people whose locks should not have a key.

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  1. Great post, agree 100%. Still so sad over Jill.

  2. Definitely, I think everyone has been touched by the story of Jill! The world has become a scary place now!

  3. Very well said. So tragic and such a shame. Every person should be able to walk home alone and not come to any harm. As for those Julia Gillard comments- disgusted is all I can say xxx


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