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Monday, 29 October 2012

Home truths

Nothing like your own bed

Moo cow

Bedroom window view - hello baby cactus and mint plant

This year, my bedroom has become my sanctuary.  For someone who functioned on very little to no sleep, I am asleep by 9pm most nights. 

I don't know how I lived comfortably in a one bedroom flat for 4 years, yet since moving into our house last year (which is more than 3 times the size of the flat) everything has been overflowing.  I've lost count of the clothes, shoes, furniture that's been sold on eBay or thrown out, yet every couple of weeks it becomes obvious that even more has to go.  The bedroom has been the biggest victim benefactor of my ruthless culling.  Half of my clothes are gone.  9/10 hair and skin products have been turfed. Now every piece of my highly edited wardrobe has it's space (let me tell you, outfits are on high rotation) and the top draw of the tall boy is a mecca of only the best and favourite products.  

I've unsubscribed from most of the daily deal websites now (too much junk being marketed as a bargain) but not before I bought the most wonderful 1000 count thread quilt cover set for $37.  They are simply divine and so easy to keep clean (maybe the Omo Ultimate & NapiSan has something to do with it???)

Crisp white sheets, clean pajamas and a good night sleep are hard to beat for me these days.  And it's true what they say - make your bed every morning, because even if you accomplish nothing today, walking into your bedroom and seeing the bed made will make you feel calmer... because even if all else has failed at least you had made the bed.

The guest bedroom has also been receiving plenty of attention (correction, ruthless throwing out of everything in sight).  It is the multifunctional genius.  Or at least it will be by the time I finish with it this summer.

Speaking of summer, any chance I can put away the tights yet???


  1. I agree there is nothing better than your own bed! looks chic an awsome! x

  2. Your bedroom looks so calming and beautiful and I agree about your bed making tip... now have to convince my daughter! x

  3. after moving my stuff into storage I donated a bit and threw out a bit too. But I think as I unpack into my new place I'll have to do another cull. It will just be me in a 2 bedroom townhouse. How is it I have so much crap!!!?

  4. I absolutely adore a good clean-out, and it's so addictive/contagious also! Lovely post and lovely little windowsill "garden" adorable! X


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