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Friday, 4 January 2013


This year I will be

- more organized. My bag won't look like this on a Friday morning
- I will take time to smell the roses
- I will celebrate
- I will fear less
- I will question more
- I will say no more often
- I will double my water intake
- I will Skype my grandma
- I will file my paperwork
- I will read every email
- I will unsubscribe from a million more mailing lists
- I won't use a chair to hold my clothes. That's what a wardrobe is for
- I will declutter my skin care and make up, like I did my clothes
- I will get an iPad
- I will blog my thoughts more frequently
- I will read better quality literature
- I will turn my phone off more often
- I will not be afraid to disconnect
- I will spend more time outdoors, even if I have to wear a ski jacket to do it
- I will delete old contacts from my phone
- I will reduce expenses, so I need less but have more

I will...


  1. Ditto to most of those!

  2. Love these ! More insightful than mine such as lose weight!

  3. Made me smile... - good luck with all of these and I know 2013 will be a wonderful year for you anyway! XXX

  4. Love this. I will do the same... minus the iPad... I already have one! x


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