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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spring cleaning on a hot autumn day

It has easily been one of the most bitter sweet weeks of my life and thank goodness it's a long weekend because I'm just not ready for a real Monday. I finished at work on Friday. The few weeks leading up to this week involved working way past midnight, feeling anxious and unsure. I have spent years getting to where I was only to close my laptop, turn off my blackberry and walk away. Blood, sweat, tears. High highs and low, low, lows. In a way its kind of sad that our jobs become such a huge part of who we are. We spend so many hours and so much of our energy on what we DO that is starts to blur who we ARE.

I don't think the reality has hit me yet.

And of course all these crazy work hours have resulted in a neglected house. It's amazing just how much cleaning a superficially clean house needs.

I decided to tackle the kitchen today, washing and polishing all the utensils and stuffing the dish washer full with canisters and storage containers. The glass splash back also enjoyed the much needed polish.

The weather has been unbearably hot. And I say that as the person who would kill for an endless summer. Lucky the beach is a stone throw away and I went for a quick swim for a bit of relief today.

Cheat paella for dinner went down a treat.


  1. Loved this post. Totally agree re the work comments. I hope you enjoy your time off work being a mummy.

  2. Aw, I must say I am envious of your summer although I know you won't feel that way! It's been FREEEEZING here in London and I am NOT a winter person- only summer. I love the heat, long days and thin clothes.

    Good luck with everything lovely, looking forward to reading more xxxx

    P.S I TOTALLY know what you mean about the job thing. I quit teaching when I came over here, now a freelance TV researcher with supply teaching in between and I am LOVING it. Liberating to choose when you work, how long for and who for xxxx


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