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Monday, 18 March 2013

"we all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurt them out among the starts" - David Bottoms

It took me a few days last week to adjust to the new routine.  Yes I didn't turn off my Blackberry immediately and yes I kept thinking about what was left behind, but I am starting to ease into it slowly. All the while my body clock was still waking me at 6:52 AM. 

I continued to distract myself by cleaning and ironing and continuously de cluttering. Towels, books and linen have been discarded and not replaced.  Pantry is organised and clean.  I have filed years of bills and paperwork, thrown out a box of cables that don't seem to belong to the myriad of electronic gadgets that we have.  I have dusted every corner and and finally made a good dint in the pile of delicate/handwash items in the washing basket.  I took for granted how good a week at home can really be.  A week not spent in the office, was usually spent travelling or doing activities not afforded to a 60 hour a week job.

This week I'm finally going to organise and functionalise the study (who doesn't love stationary shopping??) and clear my head, before getting into LMFF later on in the week.  The event gets better each year and I'm looking forward to reporting back about this years events. 


  1. You've done loads!! Well done... you'll be rivalling a certain FF soon with all her actioning ;-)
    Oh don't you hate boxes of CABLES and WIRES? My husband insists on keeping them in case they come in useful... Useful? Who is he kidding?
    Cute stripey straw!
    S xx

    1. No one will ever be as good as FF! Haha

      He hasn't used the cables in 3 years so they're goneeeeee x


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