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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ari love

Some days are even more perfect and wonderful than most. I fall in love with her even more. There's a wave of emotion that hits me. Sometimes I miss her while she's asleep and I go and stare at her in the bassinet. Sometimes I can't believe that she's mine. When she pulls off while feeding to smile at me my heart melts. Sometimes I cry from joy and hug her too tight that she cries too. Life is incredible.

Sunday was one of those perfect days.

She woke up wanting to explode and stare out the window. Tummy time is fun when you're a strong girl.

The nespresso was perfect. It hit the spot perfectly.

The sun was shining so we rugged up and hit the park after being stuck indoors all week.

I finally found a water bottle that doesn't give off a plastic taste. Highly recommend the Klean Kanteen. It even fits into my bottle holder. 

After usually being the bully at the park Monty met his match. She also almost looks just like him.

I am loving the smiles. Wearing Purebaby leggings and a Country Road top.

Starting to show interest in toys.

And I wouldn't be myself if I didn't buy ridiculously inappropriate shoes for my lifestyle. But they were on sale, okay? And they're really, really comfortable.


  1. What a sweet blog post :)
    Your daughter is so cute and looks like she had the perfect day too.

  2. What a perfect sounding day... there is nothing in the world to beat your baby's smile at you when they first wake up! Heart melting... X


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