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Friday, 28 June 2013

Ariana's Baptism - Part I - The venue

When you're from an ethnic family that moves to the other side of the world, your parents tend to hold really tight onto old traditions. Things they never cared about suddenly begin to define them. Nostalgia takes hold and archaic traditions bubble to the surface. You wonder where this newfound passion for tradition comes from. All these things come to a head for a wedding. I often say that the only things I wouldn't change about my wedding is my dress and my groom. Everything else was a circus of epic proportions.

So I knew when I had my own child I would not force them to endure the torment.

I had begun to plan Ari's baptism in my head months in advance. I wanted it to be very intimate, warm and at a gorgeous venue. Everything my wedding didn't turn out to be.

I have always loved Quat Quatta and had made up my mind that it was the only venue I would consider. It suited my taste and plans for the event unlike any other. I knew that it would be my only chance in a long, long time to hold an event there and I did not relent.

Every nook and cranny is wonderful. The marble bar, the fireplaces, the furniture and the incredible grounds. The service was impeccable and the food was beautifully presented, plentiful and delicious. 
And everyone seemed to be in awe of the bathrooms with the chandeliers and matching door knobs.

I absolutely adore planning events. Trawling for little details and personal touches. I am not very detail oriented, but I seem to sweat the small stuff when I'm putting together events.  After weeks of pulling out my hair to find a date to suit various family members travels,  I was finally able to firm up a date and pay the deposit when Ariana was 6 weeks old.  I had 4 weeks to put it all together. From the guest list and invitations, to the fiddly place cards and the cake. 

But it was all worth it. Instead of sleeping when the baby slept my mind was racing all day and all night.

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  1. Such a gorgeous venue!!! I love the old world feel. Can't wait to see more.


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