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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Me, me and me

I have a mostly hate relationship with my hair. It's typically a dry and brittle, tangled mess that that gets oily quickly. Having it short (collarbone length) proves challenging to style as the kink makes the hair short and thus awkward on my round face. Not to mention that it looks unkept. Unkept is okay at home and on the weekend, but not in a professional setting. I've let it grow, cutting it only twice a year (it grows slow and in my case a trim doesn't make it grow faster). It's been a painful process but its better and longer than its been in years. I've given up products and heat styling tools, too. A double shampoo of Sebastian Trilliance and the same conditioner, good towel dry and a quick dry off with the Parlux results in passable hair (when washed first thing it settles by the afternoon). I do need a fringe trim though.  Stat.

I'd been meaning to go to Stokehouse for dinner for years, literally, but it always seemed so close to home and comfortable. Which is exactly what I needed last week. 

I made it a phone free dinner, but I did take a photo of the incredible dessert. The pumpkin ravioli for entree and the pork belly for main were just as outstanding. It's a wonderful special occasion restaurant.

The Bombe. A Stokehouse classic. Strawberry sorbet, white choc mousse, coated with a meringue.

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