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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Navy blue

Morrison tunic dress, Scanlan & Theodore belt, Zara shoes, Samantha Wills bangle

As you go along through life people will impart their words of wisdom on you whether you like it or not.  Sometimes you listen, sometimes you don't.  There is an investment dressing school of thought and a quick disposable fashion school of thought.  Buy all the things, wear them and move on.  

I often wonder when I see a $60 dress just how much the person who made it was paid.  And absolutely a $600 dress doesn't guarantee humane working conditions and fair pay.  

Small living and storage spaces have pushed me along into the investment dressing camp. Too many things just overwhelm me and if I haven't worn it for a while it has to go.  eBay, op shop or my mum.  She loves my clothes.  Despite how ruthless I am most of the time, there are still too many things lingering around that just don't fit me right.  A top is a little bit too short, my chest being too small so it hangs a little bit too loosely, the skirt length that just isn't right or something that has stretched out of shape.  I think my height and body shape have a huge part to play in how ill fitting many clothes are on me.  I look at things and wonder why I ever bought them.  Then it quickly dons on me that most of those items were cheap and cheerful impulse buys online or on a chain store sales rack.  So I'm back to only buying well thought out items.  Amazing cut, amazing fabric and go with most things that I already have.  I am all about repeat outfits and high rotation wear.  

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  1. beautiful !!!


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