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Saturday, 13 December 2014

The most wonderful time of the year

Every year I promise myself to be more prepared for Christmas and the summer holidays that follow and every year I find myself frantically trying to get everything done.  Surely I haven't been the only one who isn't sure what salads to make yet.  Or the only one who hasn't put up any decorations?

I have committed to yet another mammoth pre holiday clean up and shake up.  Out with old linen, tea towels and towels.  Turfing some very well loved winter gear, boxing up baby clothes (can't bring myself to get rid of EVERYTHING just yet).  I have new bikinis, new cushions.  Most of the Christmas gift shopping was done online thanks to some wonderful store wide xx% off discounts that my favourite retailers have treated us all to.

There is still a lot of wrapping to do, a Kmart wishing tree gift for Ariana to pick out.. dry cleaning to drop off, shoes to be reheeled, bills to be paid and filed away, friends to have dinner with, clients to write cards for.  Over the holidays I will order some photo albums, rotate toys and toddler activities and clean out the kitchen cupboards.  Nothing beats leaving behind a spotless and organised home before heading off for holidays.  I also want to start a really, really small herb garden.... 

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