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Monday, 4 May 2015

Living life, not documenting it

Treating myself to pre-prepared breakfast.  At least it's healthy even if overpriced.

At the park with my babe.  She's growing so quickly, having recently turned two.  She's absolutely wonderful, affectionate, thoughtful and talkative.  I really enjoy every precious moment I have to spend with her.  I recently purchased these Stick & Sparrow Twiggy sunglasses which I am loving.  Sunglasses are essential mummy wear both to hide the tiredness and stop the glare at the park.  I was always a "designer glasses" kind of girl but the quality of these lenses is far superior to any of my other pairs.  May just have to add another pair to my collection.  Other mummy must haves are high waisted jeans and warm oversized knits.  Nike sneakers optional.  

When all else fails a dusting of mineral foundation and a new lipstick saves the day.  

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