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Monday, 21 December 2009

48 hour rule

I have done well in sticking to my shopping matra of late - not falling into the trap of OMG I love this I need it NOWWWWWWWWWWW.  You get it NOW, then you realise it doesn't really fit, you overpaid, it doesn't really go with other pieces in your wardrobe.. it's unsuitable for the climate you live in, damn.  Credit card hangover.

What I do now, is I find something I love, I get excited, try it on then PUT IT ON HOLD for 48 hours.  Search the net for similar or same item, create outfits in my head.. or in polyvore.  Check out some street style websites for inspiration.  (yes, the shopping process is a very complex one..), then I swipe.

Case in point.  The wonderful YSL "Lauren" booties.  Love at first sight, but a very considered purchase. 

Come April 2010, and as Melbourne winter sets in rather quickly, I cannot wear these with my layered outfits, skinny jeans, woollen opaques and minis and sass & bide "rats".  Remind me to get a new pair.  Mine have well and truly seen their use by date.  But heck they've been worn at least once a week for 18 months!

Some inspiration:

French Vogue


  1. I love these boots!

    Have been looking to get some ankle boots like this for a while...even tried on a few pairs.

    But my tolerance for high heels is so low that I just gave up trying to get a pair.

    I love HL dresses as well. I have the green zipper one...but it's way too sexy to be worn out.

    I settled for the FCUK's version of it when I wanted to get a 2nd one.

  2. These are great because they have a platform so the heel itself is only 7cm! Genius!

    I'm envious of your real HL dress!! I couldn't bring myself to buy one in NYC.


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