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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

My husband is currently on forced 2 weeks annual leave, as it the most of Australia.  I am not.  We call it "working through".  I don't really mind.  The phone sparcly rings as most of our clients are on holidays, even the ones who don't celebrate Christmas (refer to the first sentence where I write that most of Australia is on holidays) and there are no new deals to tender (yes again because all potential and existing clients are on holidays).

During the down time I can read, write, make lists, come up with resolutions, plan my travel itinerary, stare out the window and wish I was at the beach, think about what I'm going to pack to take to Queensland, have long lunches, go home at 3pm, eBay, read Liberty London Girl's entire blog as I only discovered it over the weekend... search for jobs in Manhattan because I so desparately want to move there...

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  1. Ah crap, I have been forced to go on 2 weeks 'annual leave' too except I don't get paid. I am spending my time well by visiting lots of blogs. Haha.


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