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Monday, 28 December 2009

Bizzare behaviour

I hate new year's resolutions.  Mostly 'cos I don't stick to them.  I had a look at ones I'd blogged previously and I smirked 'cos I'd achieved none of them.

But hey, I'm still making a few for 2010.  It's more of a to do list than a resolutions

  • use my gym membership - or B will cancel it.  Oops
  • declutter - yes I know, I live in a small space with far too many things
In the spirit of decluttering, I jumped off the couch at 11pm last night and went put away my winter knits in a draw with some lavender soap.  Then I dawned on me that I should perhaps wash them before putting them away - brilliant!  Except that meant no sleep until 2am as the washing machine on "wool" mode annoyed the heck out of me spinning every 7 minutes.

I have an embarrassing Scanlan & Theodore knit collection, amassed while I cursed the Melbourne winter when I first moved here.  I layered and layered and layered - a skivvy under a knit, under a cardi. HA!

Now I'm going to the beach.  Screw it!! Haven't been yet this summer and that makes me sad.  Even though it's not very warm today, but it is warmer than it has been any other day I've been free this summer.

Wearing - blue Zimmermann string bikini, white Chloe mini dress, blue havs, s&b beach bag.

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