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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Homely snapshots

Yesterday I went to Ikea to buy a TV cabinet.  I had my eye on it from the start but I thought surely I can find something else that's french provincial, white and a bit fancier than Ikea?  Many stores later and wasted Saturdays - I returned to Ikea.  It was great to finally unpack the last box that held DVDs and knick knacks.

The soft furnishings have a long way to go, but I wanted to share a few little things that I have and love.

Vintage postcards from Belgrade from the 1920's.  These are original.  Handwritten with stamps on the back.  Belgrade is a special place for B and I.  It's where our love affair really took off :))

A vintage look postcard that the lovely V from In Sniff's Choos sent me from Paris.  It's framed and takes pride of place on my dresser.

A "thing" I picked up at Ikea this week for $15.  Plan is to paint it white and find a use for it.  Perhaps to hold pot plants, a lamp or to hold fresh flowers in the spare room when guests stay over.  Any ideas?

And hello from Monty!


  1. I have postcards in my frames too :)

    I have the same stool, same colour! we use it as a little table to put our drinks on in lounge room (no coffee table), then it's a stool when we don't have enough chairs!

    <3 Monty!

  2. It's very versatile isn't it!

    I want to get a few more I think.

  3. WAH!

    Monty cutie PATOOTIE!!!

    I love those black frames at Ikea, it's all we have in our casa.

    Perhaps paint the stool a feature colour and use it to stack a big pile of magazines or books on... then put a bird cage or bowl on top of the stack of things to pop your keys and knick knacks in... everyone needs a keys and knick knacks bowl.


  4. I just bought 3 of those black frames from Ikea tonight!

    Plus some glass jars for my tea bags.

    Plus some tea towels for work....

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  5. I love what you did with those postcards, such a cute idea!


  6. I love the postcards--that's a great idea!! And Monty is such a little friend :)



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