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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Recipe: Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee is without a doubt my favourite dessert.  When it's my turn to choose a restaurant, I'm always swayed by those that have creme brulee on the menu.

I've recently learnt to make it myself using a very simple Masterchef recipe.  It literally takes about 10 minutes (plus baking and setting).  I recommend making it the night before and leaving it to set overnight.

Remind me to get a torch to caramelize the sugar.  It's just not the same without snapping the caramel with the spoon, is it?

The mixture

Even divided into ramekins

Ready to "bake" with boiling water half way up the ramekins

The finished product - minus the burnt caramel....


  1. yum! torches are $30 from the general trader with $5 for a can of gas =)

    got mine just the other week for my pandan creme brulee.

    my dessert weakness is anything with chocolate... mmmm

  2. Oh yum i love creme brulee! I'll have to give this a go, I need to invest in a torch as well.

  3. I am already craving some creme brulè ahah! gotta try this!

  4. MMMM yummy recipe and WOW! you went to Zara before they opened you lucky thing... ! Its so funny though how much we are desperate to go somewhere that in UK I would sometimes visit but not always! Seemed like a lovely evening though. And I love your shirt. x

  5. Mmm that looks delish even if it wasn't really burnt on the top! Thanks for showing me!!


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